April 23, 2014

White House Tours to Resume?


After President Barack Obama¬†shutdown the White House tours last week it seems he may be having a change of heart after push back. The move was meant to save the Secret Service money after “cuts” from sequester. President Obama tried to distance himself from the decision on the cuts, placing the blame more on the Secret Service than his administration.

white house

The Secret Service on the White House tour cuts.

Last week, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan explained that overtime costs factored into the decision to shut down the White House tours. By taking the 30 officers involved in the tours and assigning them to high-priority security posts, officers normally on those duties can log fewer hours — in turn saving the Secret Service money.

“It reduces overtime costs overall for us,” Donovan said.

Now with the public outcry so vocal it seems that White House tours will be set to resume in the coming weeks. Whether or not President Obama made the decision of cancelling the tours it would seem that thanks to the public, students and tourists will once again be able to visit the White House and tour the inside. A move that certainly will be a relief to many.

Do you think the choice to re-open the White House to tours was the right one?


Source: Fox News

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