April 17, 2014

Step Back, Drudge


The picture to the left was splashed on the front page of Drudge this morning. Sure, I understand that the president threatening to use and executive order to deal with guns is frightening. There’s no doubt that a significant trampling of Constitutional rights is sure to occur. However, this response isn’t appropriate for the situation.

No matter how you feel about the president (or any public figure for that matter), comparing them to famous dictators (and mass murderers) like Hitler and Stalin stoops a bit too low for my taste. Headlines like this are for shock value and nothing else. Sure, they’ll drive traffic to Drudge for a few days, but the long-lasting rammifications are much worse.

For years now, the mainstream media have been desperately searching for “proof” that conservatives like to compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler. In a way, they have it. I know that Matt Drudge was in no way comparing the horrific actions of Hitler and Stalin to those of President Obama. He was merely citing similarities between gun control legislation in the current day US and Nazi Germany/The Soviet Union. However, you know the left is going to have a field day with this. For months to come, this picture will probably be referenced as “proof” that conservatives are radical and deranged. No, it’s not true, but for apathetic and uninformed Americans, that is exactly how it will come across. This is merely fuel to feed the mostly baseless arguments of the left.

Many conservatives immediately responded to this image with comments like “But…Liberals called Bush “Hitler” for years!” Yes, that’s true. Liberals were notorious during the Bush Administration for labeling the president a facist (*cough* Keith Olbermann *cough*) or for comparing him to dictators like Hitler. However, since when is that an excuse to justify the same behavior on the right? “But you started it!!” isn’t an argument. It’s intellectual laziness. We need to maintain character and clear heads if we want our arguments and logic to resonate with Americans. Integrity should always be maintained, regardless of the actions of your opponents. 

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