April 24, 2014

Pelosi claims we don't have a spending problem


This weekend Nancy Pelosi took the air with an interesting message on the Sunday shows.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed Sunday it is a “false argument” to say the federal government has a spending problem, in the latest shot across the bow to Republicans who couldn’t disagree more.

With President Obama’s sequestration cuts set to kick in at the end of the month both sides are now butting heads yet again over the best way to address our current issues. Democrats on the side of more taxes (likely for all families) and Republicans on the side of spending cuts.

With deficits over $1 trillion yearly and over $6 trillion added to the national debt in 4 years under President Obama would you say it’s safe to say we have a spending problem? I haven’t taken a math class in a few years but it would seem to me that having a deficit of $1 trillion (because we spend more than we have) shows just how bad of a spending problem we have.


Do you think Nancy Pelosi is out of touch with reality? Please leave your comments below.

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