April 17, 2014

Nuclear Rockets Targeted At U.S.

North Korea Rockets Aimed at United States

Today North Korea has said that they will carry out more rocket launches and a nuclear test that would be aimed at targeting the United States. This is the quote taken from North Korea’s National Defense Commission, which is the country’s top military body:

We are not disguising the fact that the various satellites and long-range rockets that we will fire and the high-level nuclear test we will carry out are targeted at the United States,

Now North Korea is definitely getting more cocky against the United States who they have called in the past their “sworn enemy”. This statement comes just one day after the U.N. Security Council agreed to a U.S.-backed resolution to censure and sanction North Korea for a rocket launch in December that breached U.N. rules.

Many observers including South Korea believe that North Korea is “technically ready” for a third nuclear test. China, the one major diplomatic ally of the isolated and impoverished North, agreed to the U.S.-backed resolution and it also supported resolutions in 2006 and 2009 after Pyongyang’s two earlier nuclear tests. This is what China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman had to say:

We hope the relevant party can remain calm and act and speak in a cautious and prudent way and not take any steps which may further worsen the situation,

Nuclear Rocket Tests? U.S. Urges Not to

As per usual Washington doesn’t want the tests to happen and have urged North Korea not to go on with the third test. Here is  Glyn Davies, the top U.S. envoy for North Korean diplomacy, comment on the matter:

Whether North Korea tests or not is up to North Korea, We hope they don’t do it. We call on them not to do it.

Estimates vary on the matter but it is beliefed on average that North Korea has enough fissile material to make about 12 nuclear rockets. The Institute for Science and International Security has said that that number could rise anywhere between 21 and 32 nuclear weapons by 2016.

Source: Reuters

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