April 19, 2014

GPS Tracking: None of your Business!

gps tracking

The ACLU is at it again  as they demand that the Department of Justice disclose how they use GPS tracking.  The Department of Justice however is refusing to disclose any details on the government’s use of GPS tracking.  The ACLU has sued to obtain memos under the freedom of information act in which outlines the DOJ’s philosophy on tracking suspects with GPS.  The Department of Justice however has declined to release the documents siding and FOIA exemption that safeguards any information that could be used to aid criminals.  This is what an ACLU attorney had to say on the matter:

The Justice Department’s unfortunate decision leaves Americans with no clear understanding of when we will be subjected to tracking — possibly for months at a time — or whether the government will first get a warrant. Privacy law needs to keep up with technology, but how can that happen if the government won’t even tell us what its policies are?

The ACLU says it will continue to pursue its cause in court  until they are given some details on how exactly GPS tracking is used.

Source: The Verge

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