April 23, 2014

Government Wants Free Public 'Super Wi-Fi'


The FCC,  Federal Communications Commission, is considering the development of free and public “super Wi-Fi” networks across the United States. The proposal would require local television stations and broadcasters to sell wireless spectrum to the government. The government would then use that spectrum to build  public Wi-Fi networks.

Many of the major cell phone carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and QUALCOMM are reportedly lobbying hard against the proposal.  Stating that if successful it could cause many people to cancel their cellular and Internet plans in favor of connecting to the Internet via the free public Wi-Fi networks.

Some companies however including Google and Microsoft, have partnered up in support of the public Wi-Fi networks. Stating that the Wi-Fi networks would spark a wave of innovation for technology. The five-member FCC panel has yet to vote on a proposal.

Source: Mashable

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