April 16, 2014

Google Spent $25 Million Lobbying Washington


Recently Google was investigated by the FTC for anti-competitive practices. During the course of the probe Google spent $25 Million in Lobbying over the course of the investigation. The end result was that Google would make minor changes to its business practices, but that the company had not acted illegally in promoting its own products and services in its search results.

The FTC concluded that the introduction of Universal Search, as well as additional changes made to Google’s search algorithms – even those that may have had the effect of harming individual competitors – could be plausibly justified as innovations that improved Google’s product and the experience of its users. It therefore has chosen to close the investigation.

So in the end it ended up working in Google’s favor and for Google it was fairly cheap. Google has roughly $50 Billion in cash reserves so the 0.05% they had to spent to have the FTC close their investigation may not have been that bad for El Goog.

Source: The Next Web

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