April 17, 2014

Filner's Binder Full of Women

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By: Amy Lutz

Can someone please alert the DNC that the 2012 election was 9 MONTHS AGO? According to the Democrat’s twitter feed (@TheDemocrats), they have yet to get the memo.

While the Democrats are still giggling over Romney’s rhetorical snafu, a real “war on women” is raging on the West Coast. San Diego Mayor Bob Filner was accused of sexual harassment today by yet another women. If you’re counting, this is number fifteen. While Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” wasn’t more than a simple gaffe (*cough* Phony Scandal *cough*), Mayor Filner’s “binder full of women” is all too real. Let’s recap.

1. Laura Fink: The political consultant claimed that Filner made inappropriate jokes while “patting her posterior.”

2. Morgan Rose: During a private meeting, Rose claims that Filner attempted to kiss her at least four times.

3. Joyce Gattas: Recalled of times when Filner would make her feel uncomfortable with ‘kisses on the cheek and lingering hands on her knee.”

4. Patti Roscoe: Claims that Filner put her in his “famous headlock” and she felt frightened.

5. Ronne Froman: The former Chief Operating Officer of San Diego accused Filner of “blocking a doorway, running a finger up her cheek and asking if she had a man in her life.”

6. Sharon Bernie-Cloward: She claims Filner “groped her backside” following an event in 2010.

7. Lisa Curtin: Although Filner was well aware that Curtin was married (he grabbed her left hand and touched her ring), he asked her to go out with him and then preceded to give her a kiss on the cheek, which “included tongue.” EW.

8. Michelle Tyler: Filner promised Tyler he would assist her in getting help for a US Marine (Katherine Ragazzino) if she went on a date with him.

9. Irene McCormack Jackson: Filner’s former aid recalled a time when he asked her to “get naked and kiss him.” She has since filed a sexual harassment suit.

10. Eldonna Fernandez: Military veteran Fernandez claimed Filner bluntly questioned her about the specifics of her marital history and later left her a “creepy” voicemail in which he stated he had “fallen in love” with her.

11. Gerri Tindley: Tindley, another veteran, accused Filner of verbal harassment and outright groping.

12. “Stacy“: A city employee, known only by her first name, claims Filner forcefully grabbed her by the waist and asked her on a date.

13. Renee Estill-Sombright: While at a church in La Jolla, Estill-Sombright says that Filner approached her, told her she was beautiful and proceeded to question the specifics of her marital history before asking her out (I’m sensing a trend here).

14. Emily Gilbert: Gilbert claims that Filner grabbed her tightly in front of her husband and proceeded to slid his hand down he behind. *shudder*

15. Peggy Shannon: Filner asked the 67-year-old great-grandmother if she thought he could “go for eight hours,” and even so far as grabbed & kissed her.

Now THAT looks more like a “binder full of women” than a rhetorical gaffe from a former presidential candidate. Meanwhile, @TheDemocrats are seemingly more concerned with living in the past. Priorities anyone?

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Filner’s Binder Full of Women

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