April 19, 2014

Elliott Broidy: Real Life Inspiration


By Martin Schwartz

These days, it is awfully easy to allow ourselves look at everything and everyone in the public eye with a great deal of cynicism. However, every now and then someone comes along and does the right thing – and it simply blows us away. Today, Elliott Broidy is that someone.

Unfortunately embroiled in a scandal, Mr. Broidy chose to be of the utmost help to the authorities in his cooperation with the investigation. On top of that, Mr. Broidy paid in restitution an amount of money that was, according to a judge, “significant excess of what he personally received.”

The judge added: “It is quite exemplary that his restitution to the fund exceed any of his own personal gain.”

You can read more details here, but rest assured you know the important points. Mr. Broidy has shown that one can not only be an upright and generous individual when things are going well, but also when times get tough. We can call take a lesson from him.

Here are a couple facts about Mr. Broidy that just may inspire you to try a little harder today:

  • Mr. Broidy is a community and civic leader, and also a noted philanthropist who has served on many boards including the United States Homeland Security Advisory Council, Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension Fund, Kennedy Center, Simon Wiesenthal Center and the Los Angeles Police Foundation.
  • Because of his substantial ability in finance and his interest in law enforcement, from 2002-2009 he served as a Commissioner of the Los Angeles City Fire and Police Pension Fund and was a member of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Police Foundation.
  • In 2005, he was appointed by Secretary Michael Chertoff to serve on the United States Homeland Security Advisory Council as well as the Future of Terrorism Task Force and New Technology Task Force.

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  • doroffee

    He is such an inspiration for everyone, a true role model. Not too many people would pay more in restitution that he/she would receive him/herself. People like him should be respected and admired.

  • Jing Situ

    I like this article. It is very meaningful. I appreciate to the inspiration man.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kota.venkaiahreddy Kota Venkaiahreddy

    He is really amazing. I am inspired.this article is very useful. Thanks for your best article.

  • http://twitter.com/may2k8 May Ardiansyah

    he is so good in this article, and sure this is interest for anyone who read. I hope I can meet with him directly.

  • disqus_nw1moxcuQc

    wow great words. If we would just listen to them, and put them to good use. Really great info. there.

  • srisahara

    He is a great man, he can do many advantage activities in his live. Yes, I think he is a great people that good for example and give inspiration. I hope he get the best honor on his participation in his community.

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