April 21, 2014

Breaking: Gun Control Works in Venezuela

By: Amy Lutz

HA Had you going there for a second, didn’t I? No, gun control is far from successful in the Sean Penn’s socialist utopia.

Last year, the Venezuelan government banned all private gun ownership and forbidden gun shops from selling to private individuals. Police and military officials are exempt from the ban. So it had to work great, right? I’m sure that the “culture of violence” in Venezuela has come to a screeching halt since June of last year.


After the ban went in place, Venezuela’s murder rate increased by 12%. In total, there were 21,692 homicides in 2012. That’s 73 murders per 100,000 people. In case you’re wondering, the murder rate in the US is a MASSIVE 4.7 murders per 100,000 people. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Venezuela has the honor of holding the 4th highest murder rate in the world! Can I get a round of applause? Nothing?

All joking aside, Venezuela is a perfect case study for both socialism and gun control (of course, the two go hand in hand). Let me give you the spark notes: They both suck. Venezuela is less free and more violent since Chavez took power. I can only hope that liberty will creep back into the nation now that their leader has passed.

If you want a great recap of the damages Chavez did while leading Venezuela, check out this awesome article from Reason.

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Breaking: Gun Control Works in Venezuela

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